39 Main Street, Richmond, Maine 04357

(207) 385 - GURU [4878]


During the winter, we are appointment only. If you call our office line, (207) 385-4878, please leave a voicemail. Our voicemails get forwarded to our email accounts and we can access them from our mobile phones!


CLEARLYlogic has always been all about our customers. When we started, we started as a small computer repair operation out of a a small office room upstairs at 20 Weymouth Street in Richmond. Design was soon after added to the roster of services, servers were purchased, and over time, the business expanded. New projects were always on the table! We spent a while on the coast in Rockland and made some wonderful connections and clients that we still have today!


But now, we've returned and are close to home, we opened our new location on 39 Main Street in Richmond at the end of 2014, where we have hosted wonderful events, a couple classes & also offer all of our repair, design & print services. We are now one of the top computer repair businesses in Maine, and also one of the top designers in New England. We are proud of all we've accomplished -- and we couldn't have done it without all of our loyal customers.


Please take the time to browse through our website to learn more about all the services we offer and see samples of our work! Our other business, Affordacast, handles our stream (icecast & shoutcast) hosting services.