39 Main Street, Richmond, Maine 04357

(207) 385 - GURU [4878]

We are making some changes at CLEARLYlogic to start focusing on our design and marketing services - under the new brand CLEARLYlogic Design Studio. We also hope to bring more attention to our other services with CLEARLYlogic acting as the parent to our other brands.


Along with these changes, we have decided to phase out our computer repair services. A lot has changed in technology since we started CLEARLYlogic many years ago. A few of the reasons behind this decision include:


- Part replacement & services are no longer cost effective to the customer on budget devices


- Part availability is limited (and expensive) on high-end machines that are repairable


- High-end laptops and desktops from companies like Apple are not serviceable


- More and more of our customers are switching to smartphones and tablets such as the iPad as their primary device, and besides basic software support, we made the decision not to repair these devices due to the complicated nature of most repairs (we strongly recommend that you have insurance on your devices if purchased through a carrier or store that offers protection plans!)


We have loved meeting and working with all of our clients in the locations we’ve serviced over the years — but everything has a shelf life, and we feel now is the time to change our direction to focus on what will carry CLEARLYlogic and our family of products and services into the future. I want to thank all of our clients for choosing CLEARLYlogic as the first choice for all computer repair needs. As the owner who started CLEARLYlogic as a small business years ago doing repairs, it truly is sad to see the end of one of our core services — but this is not the end for us — great things are ahead!


Look for our new website representing our family of products and services coming soon!


Thank you,


Corwin A. Legendre